August Alsina blasts his record label for leaking his album...

August Alsina's record label Def Jam prematurely put his entire album on VEVO, and he is absolutely FUMING.
"I don't trust these record labels" - Beyoncé

His entire sophomore album 'This Thing Called Life' was made available for streaming two days ahead of schedule (it's officially due December 11th). His angry Twitter rant comes weeks after his collaborator Chris Brown wrote a similar entry about his record label "sabotaging his career." It seems like we're going to get more artists speaking out against their labels in the future. 

More of them will be looking to go independent and releasing music on their own imprints. His anger is understandable but how is ranting on social media going to help his career? This was not a wise decision because he is not established enough for something like this not to come back and bite him in the ass. I remember when Christina Milian and Sterling Simms both publicly blasted Def Jam for mishandling their albums and in the end they had to go. We will see how all this plays out.