Keyshia Cole: Chris Brown REFUSES to collaborate with me (asked him FOUR times)...

Ouch, that's gotta hurt! Chris Brown keeps on rebuffing Keyshia Cole's request for a collaboration.
During a Twitter Q&A earlier today, a fan asked Keyshia Cole who she would love to collaborate with on her new album. She said Chris Brown, only he keeps saying "no." King of collaborations turning down a collaboration? Interesting. When the Rihanna assault scandal was still fresh, she was good enough to hit the studio with only because everyone else REFUSED to collaborate with him. What makes this tea even worse is that he said no to her FOUR times. 

As if the second and third time wasn't enough already to get the message? I mean, it reached a point where it became painfully obvious that he just isn't interested or no longer rates her as an artist. Not that he's still in any position himself to snub people. Just saying.