Mariah Carey & Busta Rhymes perform 'I Know What You Want' at Hot 97 Christmas gig...

Considering that Mimi was hospitalized two days ago for a severe case of the flu, she actually sounds good performing 'I Know What You Want.'
MC has clearly lost weight (and good for her, she looks amazing.) Another good tip as showcased here, would be to stand next to an over stuffed bell pepper. It helps! Mimi looks fab and youthful in all of her shining glory. Hell, she could easily have stepped off the 'I Know What You Want' video set 13 years ago!

Mariah at the Prudential Center in New Jersey for the 'Hot for the Holidays featuring Busta Rhymes & Friends' concert:

Before the show, she posed it up in her 'Hello Kitty' bathroom: