Only six Adele shows, yet FOUR million New Yorkers tried to snag tickets...

Unprecedented demand to see Adele live in concert left almost 3.9 million people sourly disappointed. 
Four million people were left stranded for hours in a virtual queue at legit ticket sites. While they were stuck in limbo, tickets were showing up on Stub Hub almost immediately after the sales had opened. Much to the frustration of genuine fans, touts continued using computer software to bypass the seller’s queuing system, enabling them to resell tickets for up to 10 times their face value. 

There were only six shows for Madison Square Garden that went on sale this week. The venue has a maximum capacity of 18,200 meaning that only 109,200 tickets were available to purchase. Can you imagine the amount of shows she would have to do to cater to FOUR MILLION people? Well I am totally crap at maths so I'm not even going to try and work that one out, but I do know that's a whole lot of shows! With all this going on, Adele is set to have the most successful tour of all time, commercially!