Sia talks writing sessions for Beyoncé & Rihanna...

Sia's new album is made up of songs rejected by Rihanna, Adele, and Beyoncé. Interestingly, Bey got 25 songs from Sia and only picked one.
One song?!?! Perhaps Sia wasn't so generous with those songwriting credits. Sia first sent 'Pretty Hurts' to Katy Perry, but she didn't see the email, so Beyoncé ended up recording it for her surprise self-titled album instead. As for what Bey is currently cooking up? "I do know she's working on something," Sia confirms. Pray, tell?

What song or songs feel the most Sia to you? Which ones are you most connected with?
"I feel connected to a song called “Footprints.” That was a Beyoncé reject that I wrote in the Hamptons a couple years ago."
Besides Adele and Beyoncé, who else were some of the songs intentionally written for?
"Mostly we’ve been pitching on Rihanna for the last couple years because she’s been looking for a couple years. Well, it feels like a couple years. It might be one year. They’re always looking for that first single. I didn’t send as much to Beyoncé, though I do know she’s working on something. Oh, yeah! There is a Beyoncé reject on there. It’s one of my favorite songs, actually. I really like it. We did that in the Hamptons session we did years ago for the most recent album she did. I got “Pretty Hurts” from that album, but originally I wrote 25 songs for it while we were in the Hamptons and one made the record. Isn’t that amazing?"
Did you write with Beyoncé?
"The process is like a writing camp, essentially. She flies us all in and puts us all up. We all live in a house together — like five producers and five topline writers. She visits each room and will contribute and let us know what she’s feeling and what she’s not feeling. Lyrically, melodically, anything. She’s very Frankenstein when she comes to songs. She’ll say, “I like the verse from that. I like the pre-chorus from that. Can you try mixing it with that?” In the end, she had maybe 25 songs of mine on hold, and I was very excited to get a couple of them back. Definitely one is on the album."