Tamar Braxton reacts to actress playing her character in Toni Braxton biopic...

Someone's not amused. Tamar Braxton is back on The Real, and she's weighing in on the cast for Lifetime’s upcoming Toni Braxton biopic 'Unbreak My Heart.'
Tamar was on the show with her brother and sisters. She was shown a picture of the actress who is playing her. Tamar yelled out, “That’s a lie!” Adding, “Who is that family? That’s the Raxtons!” Toni pointed out that the actress, whose name is Tiffany Hines, acts JUST like Tamar and then she hilariously starts mimicking her little sister’s neck popping and head snaps.

There is exactly a 10-year difference between Toni and Tamar but if you had no idea who they were, you would easily mistaken Toni for being the much younger sister. Their ages should be reversed! It's insane how this woman never ages. She looked beautiful. The biopic will premiere on January 23rd at 8PM.