Mariah Carey's 'GTFO' is quite underwhelming isn't it? ♫♫

Mariah Carey shares new teaser track 'GTFO,' off her upcoming 15th studio album. It is produced by Grammy nominated producer Nineteen85, who has produced hit songs for Drake such as, 'One Dance' and 'Hotline Bling.'

The song can be described as very mellow and subdued R&B, minced with soft whispery vocals. 'GTFO' is neither hit or miss, and we know she can definitely punch harder. Mariah finally choosing to go full F-word on *this* particular track just seems lost. She's had better clapbacks without the profanity, and we can at least be thankful this is being touted as buzz fluff only. Today's biggest music diva will share the Sarah McColgan-directed music video for the track tomorrow, September 14th. Her official single, 'With You' arrives October 5th. Epic also confirms that Mariah's eagerly anticipated new album is coming later in 2018.

Take a listen to 'GTFO' below.

Update: Video preview: