New look

Hi guys. Just decided to give my blog a new clean look. As you all know, I'm a massive minimalist fan. I've never been into extravagant designs, and loud graphics as my sole purpose was always to make my content pop the most.

I find simple works best as it makes my blog more user friendly and generates much faster loading times. My only issue is that my comment link has disappeared and I don't know how to fix it. Unfortunately, this could take some time for me to figure it out as I'm not exactly tech savvy.

Anyway, I just wanted to give my blog a new look and I absolutely love it! I just needed something to give me more motivation to blog again. I'm kind of bored blogging about just music though. I believe a healthier blog is all about variety so I intend to post lifestyle stuff here and there, and some opinionated pieces on TV shows, fashion and non-musical figures that interest me. Hope you don't mind, and I won't let it overshadow the music. xx