Saturday, 25 May 2019

Janet Jackson's showing us she's still a force at Vegas residency kick-off...

A week ago, Janet Jackson kicked off her Vegas residency with an incredible 38-song set list. Her 'Metamorphosis' show certainly kicked off in style, and she even brought back the 'Unbreakable' weave. Yessss.

For a moment, I thought she would never retire the ponytail, which was playing tug of war with her edges. Back in 2013, I remember everyone thinking Janet had retired because she was married and practically isolated herself from showbiz/Hollywood. I'm not going to totally blame her imprisonment marriage for that. I also wasn't entirely convinced that this was exactly what she wanted either. It's great to see her releasing music again and performing to large audiences. Janet is one of the few legends we have left, and she needs to be appreciated.