Friday, 15 May 2020

In other Kelly Rowland news...

Kelly Rowland says she wished she had a back to back pregnancy after having her son Titan. But now that she's just turned 39, what's stopping her from having another child?

A lot of celebrities are having quarantine babies and this lock down baby boom has become pretty rampant. She can't go on tour and her music isn't exactly hot on demand, so Kelly can have another baby and it wouldn't really affect her...unless... she'd rather post thirst traps on Instagram, only to insist they're not thirst traps. Giiiirrrrl. Check out her latest Breakfast Club interview below.



Anonymous said...

At least Kelly & Beyonce are married when bringing kids into the world... Rihanna is considering being a single parent.... Giirrll really.

Toya said...

Key word: considering. It hasn't happened yet. I'm sure she'd love to have a child under the right circumstances but if that wasn't possible, that would be an alternative.

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