Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Monica criticized for funeral photoshoot.

Monica left many on social media baffled when she decided to turn her uncle's funeral into a fashion photoshoot for Instagram. 

Mo, who recently turned down Brandy to a virtual showdown, rocked up in a ball gown and had a mock Time cover as an obituary. There were also pics posted DURING the Atlanta ceremony that showed family members visibly mourning (not posted here), while Gucci-clad Mo tried to capture her angles. As beautiful as she looked, there really is a time and place for everything as some things should be kept private.



Fabulous_Dancin_Doll said...

It wasn't a photoshoot stupid ass bitches. She's allowed to pay her respects to her uncle any fuckin way she pleases. You ugly hoes love to keep up mess!!!!!

mimi said...

it her and her family's grieve. She and they can do whatever they want to do to ease the pain. Really, your post Toya, was so unnecessary :(

Anonymous said...

If this was Rihanna she would have loved it & said Rihanna is a fashion icon.

LEM said...

...even after ALL these years, Toya still gets the "but if it were Rihanna..." comments. LORD, let her breathe HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

It's the truth she loves Rihanna but always talking down on the beautiful classy & married Kelly Rowland.

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