Rihanna's 'Loud' was everything... #15YearsofRihanna

Today, we celebrate 15 years of Rihanna'Loud,' was my favourite album, but picking it was tough. 

Just like her idol Mariah Carey, it had dawned on me that Ri just doesn't have a bad album. I've always said I loved 'ANTi' as well. However, the 'Loud' era did some things. I was still in my 20s when 'Loud' was first released. 'What's My Name' (featuring Drake) was a staple hit on the club scene, as was 'Only Girl In The World.' 

I'd be at the club, and people were moving like zombies. Then those songs would get played and everyone would hit the dance floor and go wild. No surprises. Those songs were massive hits globally. At that time, a lot of black girls were rocking red wigs and weaves. Ri was setting trends, although I use to take the piss and refer to her as Ms. Ronald McDonald. I wish some of my old blogs were still in tact. I had some fun writing those posts! I thought that shade of red was BOLD. But she didn't call her album 'Loud' for nothing. And bizarrely, she pulled it off beautifully. I was in awe. As for Yours Truly, well... here's me (on the right) rocking that same shade of red, and I look like a f*cking clown. 

I can definitely say not everyone could pull it off and I was one of them! But to conclude this post... 'Loud' was fun and light, in contrast to the much darker tones of 'Rated R,' released the year before when she was still trying to overcome being severely beaten. And I guess after all that and the horrific encounter she'd experienced, she wanted to make us dance and have fun... And that she certainly did.


Benny said...

I don't think she had a bad or trash album, I just think that she always had a single that outsold the entire album every time & her albums didn't really receive critical acclaim until Anti!

Urban Lady said...

In my opinion even her weakest album was decent enough, so she doesn't have one bad album under her sleeve. My favorite will always be 'Rated R'.

You look great as a redhead Toya!