Tinashe cancels her tour...

In news that has left fans a little disheartened, Tinashe has had to cancel her tour due to coronavirus concerns. Though fans are sad that 'Tour For You' will no longer be a thing, they have expressed their gratitude for the refund. 

As reported, Ticketmaster are holding ticket money hostage for concerts that don't receive a cancellation from the artist, which sucks. Word has it, concerts won't be back for at least another year as these serve as breeding hotspots for Covid-19. Hopefully, this bad timing does not discourage Tinashe from going on tour in the future. She barely tours and this would have been a nice experience for her and the fans. 

Until further notice, I will just leave you with her newest photoshoot for 'V' magazine, below.

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Jasmin S Hall said...

I was so looking forward to it! She can never catch a break jeez...

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