Cheryl Tweedy gives Liam Payne the OK to be a deadbeat dad.

Cheryl Tweedy's deadbeat baby daddy Liam Payne of One Direction fame has received so much backlash for saying it's "not unusual" for him to be "in and out" of his three-year-old son's life, that it has prompted him to defend himself on Instagram. Apparently, Bear's parents both agreed it was best for daddy to stay away for a bit. It's weird, because no one is checking for Liam's music and his album was a total flop. With this pandemic, most celebrities have had more time on their hands. Liam's career isn't popping at all. There's no excuse for him not to be in his child's life pandemic or not! 

Then... to nonchalantly say your son is a "quiet and chill child" who "doesn't worry about things too much" is just... the most bizarre thing ever. If a sperm donor is all Tweedy wanted, she certainly got one of the highest form.