Rihanna's new album: Pharrell is "engineering the groove."

According to Allure, cover starPharrell is currently helping "engineer the groove" for Rihanna’s new album.

“Rih is in a different place right now. Like, wow. She’s from a different world.” he says.

I'm 100 percent here for the collab. Rihanna confirmed their studio time back in February. She is high stock, so Pharrell is going to give her some of his best work. If not, the Navy will never forgive him after a five year wait. 

Several fansites are claiming Rihanna has wrapped up shooting her new music video. It's premature to think we will get anything before the end of the year. But we'll see.


tmcarson82@gmail.com said...

I am def hear for new Rihanna. Never been a huge fan of Pharrell’s sound. Hopefully, the two of them will deliver. We really need some good music, the industry has been lacking.