Britney Spears finally tweets about 'Swimming in the Stars.'

Seems Britney Spears is actually supporting the release of her new song 'Swimming in the Stars,' now that she has tweeted links to download it.

The track has just hit #1 on the iTunes' Worldwide songs chart shortly after its official release and prior to her 39th birthday this week. Not bad considering that the song has faced boycotts from fans and has hardly been promoted, in light of it coming off a 4-year-old project. 


Andy4B said...

I honestly think she is not behind this release. Remember when Mood Ring was released, she recorded a video thanking fans for getting it to #1? When Swimming In The Stars was released, she made several Insta posts, but she completely ignored the song. This twee is a general tweet that is done by her team. She would have said something if she was approving this release.

On another note: her power scares me lol. 20 years into her career and she does this with an unreleased 2016 track while half her fanbase is boycotting this song. Imagine her next lead single.

Toya said...

You could be right. Oh well.