Alicia Keys performs Whitney Houston's 'Million Dollar Bill' for the very first time.

At first I thought #DefundTheBBC was trending on Twitter because they let Alicia Keys have the stage. 

But the fuss was mostly because they showed a Black Lives Matter fist on their fireworks display. She performed a special concert from Los Angeles on BBC One last night to help bring in 2021. The set titled 'Alicia Keys Rocks Big Ben Live', started from 11.30pm.  

A lot of Brits weren't happy with the choice of candidate and her name was also trending on UK Twitter this morning. It was blatantly obvious the Brits were ranting and raving, and it didn't help she was screaming "Neeeewww Yoooorrrk!" while performing 'Empire State of Mind.' Actually, I think that may have aggravated them even more than the raspy tones of her vocal delivery! 

For the first time ever, she performed 'Million Dollar Bill,' a track that she had written for the late great Whitney Houston. Peep the tribute performance below.