Keri Hilson believes Donald Trump shouldn't have been banned from Twitter.

Oh Keri Baby. This woman never fails to put her foot in her mouth. Again
Keri Hilson says “a democracy must include freedom of speech” as she discusses Donald Trump being banned from Twitter. She allegedly shared her remarks on Instagram Stories but deleted it as soon as the royal roasting became too much! 

Trump was inciting violence which is illegal. Each day for the past four years he was breaking their rules and violating their policies. 
If it had been a regular person, he would have been banned years ago. Besides, it's not like he can't do interviews, press conferences, release statements and have his opinion broadcasted all over the world like many sitting presidents did before social media came into existence. He just won't be able to do it on his favourite platform. 

Some people need to realise that freedom of speech isn't quite the same as the freedom from the consequences and repercussions of that speech. 
I'm sure many of us would love to tell our bosses to f*ck off. But then, you stop yourself in your tracks because you know there would be no job to come back to. Repercussions. CONSEQUENCES. Anyway, Keri hasn't been right since that Beyoncé voodoo heckled her music career, and the MAGA crowd still won't help her to fill out those empty venues. Sooooo... was it really worth it?


Anonymous said...

Keri you should have just sat there & ate your food... However your first album in a perfect world is my shit.

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