A Donald Glover curated series based on a Beyonce-like figure is in the works.

Donald Glover is reportedly developing a project for Amazon titled 'Hive,' and has asked Malia Obama to write for the project. It revolves around an artistic pop figure who will be similar to Beyoncé. Malia getting a prominent media job she may not be qualified for sounds a lot like nepotism to me. But I'm not mad at it. Those Beckham and Smith kids aren't talented AT ALL but get jobs left and right because of who their parents are.


Mikey said...

Haha harsh! Willow is an ok singer and (young) Jaden could act until that appalling AE film he and his dad did!

Ps. Been coming on Toyaz World since I want to say maybe 05 though I could be mixing years up and may not have existed then. But I know it was definitely before I moved out for uni so it was at least 06. I’m 34 in a month and it’s mad to me that it’s been so long but I just wanna say your work has always been appreciated and credit to you for still going after all this time.

I’m more into r and b but take an interest in bits of pop and your style and humour you bring to the articles around these and even the odd cultural post, whilst maintaining journalistic integrity (which lots don’t) is admirable.

I may not always agree with your opinions but I could always see where you were coming from at the very least and respect that.

I have never commented much but I specifically remember us reminiscing about underrated songs on Craig David’s second album on one of your posts (You Don’t Miss Your Water and World Filled With Live are still unreal ballads) and it always pops in my mind when I listen to them.

Anyway, keep up the great work and well done for continuing over the years with the various issues I know you’ve had to overcome personally and professionally.

From your loyal reader,


.... that was a really long ps!