Meghan, Harry & the "unproductive" phone call with William & Charles.

Over the weekend, The Sunday Times exclusively reported that Prince Harry finally had a conversation with his brother Prince William over the phone following his and wife Meghan's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

Obviously, news of their "chat" was leaked by William. 
The Royal Family are clearly trying to put out this narrative that the brothers have reconnected and all is well in LaLa Land. But Harry said... not so fast! 

Him and Meghan are using their friend Gayle King as their mouthpiece to say... "well since YOU'RE leaking to the press, here is our OUR version of events." The phone call was "unproductive!" A certain tabloid is acting like they leaked the story when it was William that had already leaked the story to The Sunday Times. All Gayle King did was confirm their exclusive earlier today, adding that Meghan has "documents to back up everything she said in the Oprah interview." The CBS presenter said she spoke to the Sussexes who told her that Harry spoke to William and his father Charles over the weekend, but conversations were "not productive." Of course Gayle would not have said any of this without permission from the Sussexes. Meghan who understandably appears to be avoiding interaction with them, was not involved in the phone call sparking fresh speculation that it was in deed William, Charles or both that made racist comments about her baby's skin tone.