Sunday, 11 April 2021

Janet's Super Bowl ❝expose❞ was ❝JT's idea to upstage Madonna/Britney kiss.❞

The celebrity stylist who prepared Janet Jackson’s look for her infamous 2004 Super Bowl appearance with Justin Timberlake reveals to Page Six that Justin Timberlake had “pushed for a wardrobe malfunction” for his Super Bowl performance. 

Apparently, he wanted to upstage Britney Spears and Madonna’s VMAs’ kiss which occurred a few months earlier. Wayne Scot Lukas says Janet initially was going to “reveal her butt in pearl G-string” but Timberlake wanted a “reveal.” 

Everyone knew the reveal was intentional ("have you naked by the end of this song"). But no one knew JT was the one that pushed for it. Performing with THEE Janet Jackson (the biggest female popstar at the time) should have been enough since he was a breakout solo star back then. Yet, his dented ego had him pressurise her to do outfit changes for a strip tease, only for it to ruin her career, while his skyrocketed. My anger for her has just been renewed.  


The B List said...

I’ll never understand why the news, fans and even Oprah could not put two and row together.

Is was so obvious back in 2004 when it happened. After the Madonna/Britney kiss, they dominated the media for months. It was great press for both and had people talking as it was not mainstream/normal at the time for two Womens to kiss on TV, even it if was a little peck.

Justine being Brits very recent ex and Janet being Madonna’s closet competition in the 1990s, (silly; but you know what I mean). So, it made sense to ‘outdo them’ on the biggest platform of the year and when you have an album coming out.

Toya did you ever think this?

Ps: Logo is coming, but mental health keeps knocking me down unfortunately. It’s been a rough 2021 so far. 😪

nil said...

That it was intentional , we always knew even though they made it to be a malfunction etc etc. I legally think because of all the millions that were paid Janet can never admit it was intentional. She dont wanne get sued.

But for him to be the person that came up with this specific idea and never back her up enough... ughhh he is so disgusting. Until he does right by Janet , nothing good will come...

Remmi said...

I'm skeptical about this information tbh. Why are we only just hearing this now, and not directly from JJ herself?

Remmi said...

"But JT wanted a reveal" - so revealing her butt isn't also a reveal? TBH I don't see how her bare butt before the watershed is any less graphic.

The B List said...

In my opinion, the unfortunate downfall of Miss Jackson also included the rise of Beyonce. At that time people were just in awe of her vocals, songs, albums, videos and stage presence. It was basically Janet 2.0 (minus the vocals of course). Where Ciara and Ashanti failed, Beyoncé took the crown and used it wisely for the next decade and beyond.

Madonna also keep herself in the game up until Hard Candy. After that... well we see what happened.

Actually what do we think is going on in Madonna s head these days? Her career was perfection and she def made a blueprint for today’s artists. So, I’m always smh with her choices and that face. Like What the actual Fuck?? 😪

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, Dangerously In Love was already successful MONTHS before Janet's Nipplegate. In fact, at the time, it was rumored that Beyoncè was considered to perform at that same Superbowl Halftime Show because it was in her hometown of Houston, Texas & Crazy In Love was already crushing the game winning all the awards anyway. So, let's not give Janet's "downfall" that much credit like ya'll try to do Aaliyah's death or Jay-Z's business deals in Corporate America, because none of those claims are accurate.

nil said...

No , Beyonce has nothing to do with this. Janet was on a great high with all 4 you. She was always in her own lane. this superbowl thing just ruined it for her. But now let’s be honest she just needs to drop a great album with 1 or 2 video’s that really highlight why she is JANET and she will be fine! I think this docu she has coming is going to help a lot!

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