Beyoncé fans call for singer to cut ties with "racist" Michael Costello...

If designer Michael Costello were to lose his biggest client Beyoncé over racism allegations, this could very well be damaging to his brand. Model Chrissy Teigen, designer Maxie James and singer Moniece Slaughter have accused him of racism following negative encounters. Leona Lewis has accused him of bullying her. Costello was supposed to dress her for a charity event but pulled out at the last minute because she wasn't rake thin. She was left feeling humiliated. She had to sit out the event and lie/make up excuses as to why she didn't participate, which she feels damaged her professionally and personally (made her look difficult). Now that these racist allegations are picking up traction (and more people are starting to believe it), Beyoncé fans are urging her to cut ties with the disgraced designer who designed the majority of costumes for her 'On The Run' tour. 

The controversy began when Costello decided to share his alleged experience with Teigen reportedly bullying him and calling him a racist in 2014. 
Little did he know this would backfire, and HE too would be exposed for bullying.

Designer Maxie James, the creator of Ellaé Lisqué clothing, has come forward to allege that she was bullied by Costello who called her a “Black n*gga b*tch”, not just on social media but in person at a fabric store. The altercation was allegedly after Costello scooped up one of Maxie’s designs and claimed it as his own. 
Not only that, but Maxie also alleged she “whooped Costello’s ass” and almost went to jail for the incident. Folks are now searching for the police report. Costello says the incriminating tweets where he uses the N word are photoshopped.

But Slaughter and James say the tweets are very much real:
The general consensus is that Costello isn't a good person, and makes people who he deems beneath him, feel like sh*t. Not to say his exposure exonerates Chrissy Teigan, because she is just as vile as he is. Then we have makeup artist Jordan Liberty who accuses Costello of sexually harassing him when he was going through chemotherapy at the time. Sexual harassment, racism, bullying... the incriminating allegations just keep piling and piling! Come tomorrow, there will be a horde!!!! 

Meanwhile, Beyoncé is a long term endorser of Costello having him produce multiple tour costumes and red carpet looks. Below, Bey is seen wearing Costello dresses and tour costumes during different points of her career.  
She should cut ties now. She's clearly a fan, but it wouldn't be a good look if she continued to endorse his designs. Costello should never have tried to play victim knowing how he has treated people in the past. Pot and kettle in deed.