Royal Reporters: ❝Meghan Markle was telling the truth all along...❞

Up until 2012, birth right titles and a slimmed down monarchy always intended to include Prince Harry and his children. However, that changed the moment he married a half black woman and had mixed race children. Apparently, Charles will reportedly deny Archie and Lilibet titles when he ascends. This was initially a birth right of theirs to get HRH/Prince(ess) titles once he became king. 

This totally proves Meghan was telling the truth all along in deed. 
It proves she was being completely honest when she said the racist institution/Prince Charles wanted to change the rules/convention so that her partially black children wouldn't get titles. When Meghan told Oprah they were going to do this, royal commentators and Piers Morgan called her a liar. Now Daily Mail/Mail On Sunday are treating this news like an "exclusive," when Meghan actually said all this in an interview three months ago. They definitely owe her an apology, but we know she isn't going to get one.