The Spice Girls prepare EP 'Wannabe25' | 25 Years of 'Wannabe.'

Many childhoods were impacted by The Spice Girls. All of my school tuck money was spent on CDs and merchandise. I was so invested. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their smash hit debut single 'Wannabe,' the band are releasing a four-track EP titled 'Wannabe25.' It will feature unreleased 'Feed Your Love,' which contains Victoria Beckham's vocals. Her vocals on the track must mean the song is old as dirt. Yet, it's been described as a "slow, soulful ballad." I'm sure the interpretation of "soulful" will vary from ear to ear

'Wannabe25' will be available to stream from July 9th and physically on vinyl and cassette on July 23rd. 
'Wannabe,' which catapulted the Spice Girls to global stardom, topped the charts in 37 countries becoming the seventh best-selling debut single of all time. Their debut album, 'Spice' went on to sell more than 31 million copies worldwide, becoming the best-selling album of all time by a female group.