Beyoncé reflects on turning 40 in rare Harper’s Bazaar interview...

This is my last Beyoncé post for the day I promise. Well actually... I won't do that just in case she knocks the wind out of our sails and drops a new single tonight. If we've come to know anything about Beyoncé it is that she is very spontaneous and crafty. She only comes when you least expect her to (no announcements), and when she does come, it is always a moment. This very insightful interview with Harper’s Bazaar is NOT a coincidence. 

I find it hard to believe she did a photoshoot just to advertise some clothes from her line. Mark my words, she's COMING. Maybe a lot sooner than anticipated. But not before Jay Z whisks her away somewhere on a luxury yacht for her 40th celebrations. Bey spoke to the magazine about turning 40 on September 4th. 

“My wish is for my 40s to be fun and full of freedom. I want to feel the same freedom I feel on stage every day of my life,” she said “I want to explore aspects of myself I haven’t had time to discover and to enjoy my husband and my children. I want to travel without working. I want this next decade to be about celebration, joy, and giving and receiving love. I want to give all the love I have to the people who love me back.” 

And as she enters a new decade in her life, she couldn't be more prouder of the woman she’s become. “I’ve spent so many years trying to better myself and improve whatever I’ve done that I’m at a point where I no longer need to compete with myself. I have no interest in searching backwards. The past is the past. I feel many aspects of that younger, less evolved Beyoncé could never f*ck with the woman I am today. Haaa!” No one can f*ck with the woman she is today, and that's just... facts.