Britney Spears responds to judge denying her request... AGAIN!

The battle may be lost, but the war certainly isn't over for Britney Spears. On Monday, judge Brenda Penny denied her lawyer Mathew Rosengart’s request to expedite the conservatorship’s next court hearing. This is where it will be decided whether her father Jamie Spears is removed from his post as conservator of her estate. The request to remove her father will still be heard on the original court date of September 29th. 

Did the judge take a bribe or something? 
How hard is it to do the right thing and have this man removed? How hard is it to say, "Yes Britney, you can have your life back now..." Pimp Daddy Spears has acted like a terrorist towards his own daughter for 13-years. Her requests have been ignored/denied REPEATEDLY, over and over again. It's now almost inevitable that he will NOT be removed during the September 29th court hearing. They are making her wait another two months just to deny her again... and to grant her father further permission to control and hold her life to ransom. Disgusting.

As a result of this news, Britney says she will be posting less on social media due to some of the media’s coverage of her conservatorship battle.


ChesterSpence said...

Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps there is some very serious mental issues with this girl? I am under the impression that there is A LOT we really don’t know about Britney’s mental state. And that it is more serious than the public knows about. And she really isn’t capable of living independently. Notice her mother hasn’t stepped up to replace him.

Remmi said...

Even if that's true, the battle is to have her father removed as her conservator, not for the conservatorship to be removed completely. And how is it that that same conservator claims she's too mentally unstable to manage her own finances, but isn't claiming she's too unwell to work and earn those same finances that she's too unwell to be in control of? Make it make sense.