JoJo | ❝Worst (I Assume)❞ | New Music | Video Premiere

Jojo drops visuals for first single, ‘Worst (I Assume),’ off her forthcoming 12-track EP, ‘Trying Not to Think About It.’ The project, due on October 1st, will assist with her Stateside tour due to kick off the following day on October 2nd. Why it's called an EP with 12 songs I will never know. That is an actual full length album unless the songs are all interludes. As for the new single, I absolutely love it! She is bringing soul back to R&B, and that's the type of JoJo I can vibe with. Females with negative relationship pasts usually have an emotional guard up with all males, and JoJo is reflecting on that in this new song. 

Check out the Alfredo Flores directed visuals below.  


Anonymous said...

Jojo always delivers!!!!
Love it and can't wait for the ep/ album! ;)

Remmi said...

Found it all a little boring personally. Be nice to hear her switch it up a little every now and then, maybe a house or indie track here and there.