Little Mix tease new music for 10th anniversary; Will Jesy Nelson drop same day?

Why do I feel like Jesy Nelson’s new single is going to drop next Thursday, on the 10th anniversary of Little Mix? Can you imagine the uproar? I'm not sure if she would be bold enough to do that, but if she did... that would be a whole new level of f*ckery. She is already getting dragged for blackfishing, so does she really want to choose violence? Lol. 

In celebration of their 10-year anniversary on August 19th, her former band mates are teasing the release of something which fans believe is their very first song as a trio. Does Jesy have the balls to release her new single around the same time as a form of controversial cross promo? 

We will soon find out.


Jrocka said...

After watching show when they were looking for the next band…I found Jesy to be acting lil bitchy thing is when ppl were trolling her for her weight and looks those girls use to defend her and hold her down. Since that little boyfriend came into the picture thinks she’s the Beyoncé of the group 😐 I def think ppl been in her ear gassing her up.