Saturday, 21 August 2021

Lizzo & Cardi B’s ❝Rumors❞ projected to debut at #2 on Billboard Hot 100...

Hey Lizzo haters. Her new single 'Rumors' featuring Cardi B is predicted to debut at #2 on next week's Billboard Hot 100. Now eat that! If projections are accurate, this will serve as Lizzo’s fourth Hot 100 entry and third top 10 hit! My take on Lizzo's music is very wishy-washy. However, her success is very well deserved. She's had to put up with so many people discrediting her hard work and reducing her success to a fat fetish. The misogynistic attacks have been absolutely awful to say the least! No wonder she resorted to having a little cry recently. Well, wipe away those tears my sweetheart. The last laugh is yours.