Nicki Minaj celebrates Rihanna becoming a Billionaire: ❝If this don’t inspire you...❞

Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram Stories to congratulate her fellow Caribbean baddie Rihanna on becoming a billionaire. Yesterday saw Forbes announce the Bajan beauty an official billionaire, thanks to her Fenty Beauty empire. In case you forgot, Nicki was on Rihanna’s album 'Loud' on the song 'Raining Men,' and Rihanna was on Nicki’s album 'Pink Friday' on the song 'Fly.'

Good times. 
Their little industry friendship was cute, as was their social media interactions which was still in force up until 2015. This was the last time they pictured together. In 2015. Then nothing. No more hanging out. No more cute Twitter exchanges. In 2019, Nicki hung up on a fan during a phone-in on Queen Radio for daring to ask if she was still friends with Rihanna.

The pair seen in 2015, were still cordial at that point:  
Not to say they were best friends or even close friends, but they actually seemed somewhat closer than two people who just worked together a few times. Sometimes people just grow apart. However... seeing Nicki acknowledging and showing support to Rihanna was nice prior to their dignified silence over the years.

They had a really nice dynamic, which is certainly missed.
Below shows Nicki bigging up Riri on her milestone achievement:

Who's to say we won't ever again enjoy their cute bonds and interactions?