Nicki Minaj is STRONGLY DISPUTING Jessie J’s claims on how she ended up on ❝Bang Bang.❞

Is Nicki Minaj trying to hide her desperation for features? 👀 Jessie J told Glamour magazine that 'Bang Bang' was a song that already existed. She recalls how Nicki was played the song in the studio and was like, "I’ve got to jump on this!" Neither her or Ariana Grande had to go to her and ask, because apparently, the rapper had already shown an enthusiastic keenness. 'Bang Bang' went on to become a number one smash on the Billboard Hot 100. Nicki is now strongly refuting this on Twitter. She claims she didn't BEG to be featured. The record label ASKED her to be featured. They then paid her for the work. All that passive aggressive energy in Nicki's response with the "chile" this and "chile" that shows how wound up she was. LOL. Giiiirl, you never had to do her like that. 

Nicki's response:


BoiNice said...

Ok that was unnecessary on nicki part because jessie said literally nothing disrespectful or anything that made nicki looked ba