Beyoncé unveils 40th Birthday looks in Capri, Italy...

Beyoncé spent her 40th birthday in Capri, Italy with husband Jay-Z, and was spotted there with her entourage on September 7th. As the couple affectionately walked together hand in hand, an older lady approached them. As we know, her security guard Julius does not play! But at least she still got to speak to Bey a little, and with an Italian tongue, Bey replied, "grazie" ("thank you.") 

As always, whenever Bey gets papped, she always posts the looks worn that day to social media, and here we are... She looked beautiful, and her outfit was slaying. The purse is delicious too but priced at an eye watering $5,795, the Judith Leiber Martini Cosmopolitan crystal clutch is literally six months rent money. We will just settle for enjoying it on Bey's arm instead!