Kelis unveils official artwork for new single ❝Midnight Snacks.❞

Over the weekend, Kelis announced her upcoming new single, 'Midnight Snacks,' and shared the official artwork yesterday which looks like a subtle nod to her 'Tasty' and 'Food' eras. An official release has yet to be announced but Kelis told a fan that we can at least expect to hear it on October 8th. It will serve as the lead single from an upcoming album.

Loving the artwork. It is giving vintage teas and one thing Kelis is going to do is include food in nearly all of her cover arts. It correlates with running her own food business, and using her own farm and land to grow that very food. The fact that we are getting a new album and not an EP means WE will be eating good too! She's still one of the coolest chicks in the game, maybe more now than ever. 


Remmi said...

I have a feeling it may sound like a tired old "Food" reject (her worst album to date imo, even Fleshtones was better). I hope not though, I do love me some Kelis. Hope she reunites with Raphael Saadiq on the new album.

Anonymous said...

I hope its nothing like food - that album was not good. "Kelis was here" and "flesh tones" though, they were great

Anonymous said...

Fleshtones was her best era visually, sonically and artistically. I'm a huge fan of her pops hits earlier on in her career but Fleshtones in my opinion was her magnum opus.