Friendship goals? Madonna checks in on Britney Spears...

During the New York premiere of her documentary film Madame X this week, Madonna revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she was just checking in on Britney Spears during a phone call recently. She congratulated Britney on her pending marriage to Sam Asghari when they recently spoke. She later told Extra that she was “really proud” of the singer who is preparing for a major new chapter in her life following a lengthy conservatorship battle.

It's interesting that Madonna has phone access to Britney Spears, and yet her former long time assistant Felicia Culotta hasn't had any personal contact with her in like, 20 years? Britney fans have always recognised Ms. Culotta as the real mother to the singer. Not taking away from the friendship Brit has with Madonna, but there are several people that were there from the very beginning and were all of a sudden cut off. I hope 
Ms. Culotta gets an invite to the wedding at least.