Beyoncé & Jay-Z attend Alexandre Arnault’s second wedding ceremony in Italy...

Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended the wedding of multi billionaires Geraldine Guyot 
and Alexandre Arnault in Venice, Italy yesterday (October 16th).
Beyoncé showed up rocking ❝Me, Myself & I❞ bangs and a light teal silk dress 
matching stiletto sandals and a stylish Dolce & Gabbana trench coat.
This was no regular wedding! D'Estrëe founder Geraldine Guyot swapped nuptials with Alexandre Arnault, the heir to Tiffany & Co. Notably, Bey and Jay recently starred in a major Tiffany campaign that was announced by Arnault. His father ranks top five of most richest people in the world with an estimated net worth of $150 billion. He owns Tiffany & Co, has a stake in Fenty Beauty, and founded Louis Vuitton alongside many more. Beyoncé's cousin stylist KJ Moody has been KILLING IT lately! She really has been giving us looks these past few days.


Scoopz said...

Shes been rocking her natural hair a lot the past year whilst she isnt touring. Its a nice change. Its beautiful

Anonymous said...

Yeah he's killing it, he's also Chloe stylist, she mentioned him on several occasions.