Britney Spears continues to drag her family: ❝I still want justice!❞

Britney Spears furiously drags her family again claiming they have 
❝hurt her deeply❞ in an impassioned Instagram post yesterday.
The pop star, 39, took to Instagram to call out her family accusing them of rudely ignoring her, 
and despite her conservatorship almost ending, she says she still wants justice.
Her father was suspended as conservator of her estate in September and a hearing on November 12th will determine if the entire conservatorship will be terminated. Her legal team had previously accused him of conservatorship abuse and mismanagement of her money. Her money has certainly been mismanaged. Thee Britney Spears who once dominated the entire world, who was once the most famous pop star on the planet... is only worth... $60 million. Where the hell did all of her money go?


Remmi said...

Why does she keep name-dropping other celebs in her messages?

I think she should take her win and be graceful about it instead of doing all the constant public mud slinging. I understand her frustrations about her family, but sometimes a vow of silence is the most resounding message for the taking the high road that you can send.

Toya said...

When you're so angry about something and were treated horrifically by blood, sometimes it is hard to maintain a dignified silence.