Jesy Nelson’s first ❝Boyz❞ performance trashed for lip-synching...

Jesy Nelson has been widely criticised for lipsynching her first solo 
performance of ❝Boyz❞ on The Graham Norton Show.
The amount of wide shots on the performance did not mask the fact Jesy was miming 
her verses on the Nicki Minaj assisted cut and doing a poor job of it. 
All that was being done while doing some two steps, and singing the CHORUS only. Her platinum blonde wig was perched on top her head like an eagle waiting to take flight. It's a wonder it stayed in place while she did all that bopping around. The interview was just as awkward, with the host needing to scorn her for swearing in front of fellow guest Dame Judi Dench. She says she loved being part of Little Mix (liar liar pants on fire), and casually mentions no longer speaking to them. No bad blood on HER end, she says. We beg to differ!
Jesy Nelson: “Yeah me and the girls don’t talk anymore. It’s sad”
Graham Norton: “It’s awful” (the host telling it like it is). 
There was always bad blood on her end. As if we didn't read the multiple interviews where she would trash their music and act like they were partially to blame for her suffering. "They were much thinner than me, I felt fat and ugly," "I wasn't happy with certain things but there were three other people that had to make the decisions too." Need I go on? 
Performance & interview:


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RL said...

Coming from Little Mix, I expected more from her in terms of a live performance. She's going to have to work extra hard to win the public over, if that is even possible for her...

She really screwed up leaving the group, because it seems like the trolling has increased dramatically.

Toya said...

I understand why she left. She wanted to do music under her own terms. I don't think she's cut out for a solo career to be honest. That's why they were ALL put in a group despite auditioning on the X Factor as soloists. Some people just have that instant star power and she isn't one of them. Not a great singer, isn't conventionally pretty and she waited until she turned 30 which in the industry is seen as too old to start a solo career.

Anonymous said...

@Toya You shady... Ha.Ha, I do believe she's a better singer than normani... Hell Ciara can sing better than her.

Toya said...

And you call me shady... 😳

Jrocka said...

Yea that performance was thrash those other 3 girls complimented her shortcomings! To lip sync left me speechless compared to the main live singing she was use to in LM 😕the song is so flat lol she could have done some runs or ad libs here and there to sell the song 🥱

Remmi said...

Despite not being a fan of the song, I quite liked the performance. Love her outfit and the interview warmed me to her personality a little.

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