Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl scandal is getting a documentary on FX & Hulu... But why?

Another money-grabbing Hulu documentary is in the works, 
and Janet Jackson is the latest target. 
Following their headline-attraction 'Framing Britney Spears,' FX and Hulu 
are set to launch ‘Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson’ on November 19th.
The New York Times Presents series will this time tell the story of 2004 halftime show, which saw Justin Timberlake briefly expose Janet’s breast to millions. Unfortunately, the singer's career never recovered to what it was while Timberlake's career soared even going from strength to strength. Rare footage and interviews with several people close to the situation that night will be featured. This includes NFL and MTV executives, who will all reconstruct the ill-fated event. Bye! Janet has her own documentary coming out in January on Lifetime... told in her OWN WORDS. 


Anonymous said...

I just hope we finally get to the bottom of this shit! Some say it's Justin Timberlake's fault, others said Janet wanted to compete with & one-up Madonna's VMA performance 5 months prior & to boost anticipation for the album! Let's just get the answers to it once & for all!