Britney Spears teases new music: ❝New song in the works.❞

Britney Spears reflects back on some of her greatest career achievements in a new Instagram post. In the post, she puts her family on blast, lists her accolades, reminds herself she is an icon and teases new music.
She announces ❝new song in the works,❞ with some... rather interesting vocal runs. The vocals runs! Thee perfect new clock alarm. No more late starts! Hopefully, this time, the music making process is more therapeutic than enslaving so she can have an avenue for expression and healing. Welcome back! 


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RL said...

My brow is constantly raised when it comes to her. I'm happy she is free, but I would love for her to take some time out of the public eye to unpack all the trauma she has endured.

Dayvid said...

She sounds tragic! Jesus Christ!

Mymy said...

With some pitch correction this could be fine. I agree with RL, she needs to take some time out from media.

Remmi said...
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Remmi said...

In all seriousness though, this is quite sad. I see what looks like possible traits of EUPD or Bi-polar Disorder based on her presentation in that video. I hope she is being truly supported by good, genuine people.

nil said...

It is sad because even though she is freed there is still alot of fixing to do.. I somewhere have hope she is just fooling us . But yeah...the damage is already done...but i have hope she can still bring some heat!

And I need the Oprah interview asap!

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