Leona Lewis redeems herself with ❝One More Sleep❞ on ❝The Jonathan Ross Show.❞

Leona Lewis performed her Christmas single ❝One More Sleep❞ during
 last night's broadcast on the Jonathan Ross Christmas special!
This week marks 15 years since the singer shot to superstardom winning The X Factor. 15 years. How has it been 15 years already?! 

It still remains a mystery as to why her mainstream career just vanished so abruptly despite having the talent and looks. 

As for the performance, this was sooo much better than the one she gave a few weeks ago. Redemption complete!  


Scoopz said...

She still sounded off key as hell. Only difference was the music and background vocals were louder and covered up her own vocals to some extent. But nah this wasnt it. This has to be a down to her underlying health conditions and her nose job. Shes lost breath support, her placement is nasal and her range has evaporated. She gave us world class vocals for all of 3yrs (06 to 09) and then her time was up. Shame :/