Aaliyah’s uncle confirms January release for new album ❝Unstoppable.❞

Aaliyah's uncle Barry Hankerson confirms the late singer's new album ❝Unstoppable❞ will be dropping this month. He tells Star 99.7’s Geno Jones that the guest list includes Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Future, Ne-Yo, and Drake, who Hankerson calls ❝one of her biggest fans.❞ 
The awful low quality first single, ❝Poison❞ featuring The Weeknd, dropped last month, and the album will have zero female collaborations. Yet, people she probably would never have worked with... like Torture and Crackhead Fistopher Brown make the cut. Ew. This album is simply a money grab. Her uncle is trash. And quite frankly, Yours Truly is sick of him already. 


RL said...

He needs his ass beat! I'm choosing violence and dassit. That song with the Weeknd was HORRIBLE!! Just keep her original music out is all we ever wanted and needed.