New Music: Chlöe & Gunna - ❝You & Me❞ ♫♫

Chlöe Bailey and her alleged boyfriend Gunna have a new song out called ❝You & Me.❞ This tune is actually a very fitting title for a come out song. The pair sparked dating rumours when they were seen sitting together court-side at the Hawks vs. Mavericks game last October
Chlöe denied it. She said they just hang out as friends because they are making music together. Fast forward to a few days ago. Chlöe and Gunna (who released his new album this week) were spotted leaving the Lakers game holding hands (video footage). What is their excuse now? Still friends?! The alleged couple revisit 90s R&B with this Jon B sample, but did they really understand the assignment?


Remmi said...

What's the appeal in this sort of jumble-mumble rap-singing that almost sounds like it requires an Mathematical IT Technician to decode and transcript what's being conveyed? I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

@Toya I heard from a reliable source that her "2nd single" is coming this month.

Anonymous said...

Growing up, I most definitely remember people giving Puffy, Dr. Dre, Kanye & The Trackmasters a hard time about sampling "hits from the 80's(& 70's)", but nowadays, I think their detractors owe them a MASSIVE APOLOGY! These beatmakers/producers nowadays are just really lazy with the sampling/production! Something is lacking.

You can't tell me that these samples are better than Puffy's late 90's hits, Will Smith's Men In Black, Wild Wild West, Miami, Summertime or Just The Two Of Us!

Shit, Saweetie's My Type & Tap In go harder & "understood the assignment" better than everything these "R&B" cats are sampling now!

Anonymous said...

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