Listen: Mariah Carey vocalizes on Latto’s ❝Big Energy❞ remix ♫♫

Mariah Carey features on Latto's official remix to her top 20 hit ❝Big Energy.❞ The cut also features DJ Khaled, and samples Tom Tom Club’s 1981 single ❝Genius of Love,❞ which Mariah also famously sampled on her chart-topping 1995 hit ❝Fantasy.❞ Mimi probably thought she was doing something with that opening wet reverb whistle, but back in the day she use to be able to do it without the autotune, period. That aside, MC's adlibs and backgrounds did sound nice. 
Listen, below.


Remmi said...

Struck me of more of a mashup rather than a remix - YouTube's Amorphous could have done that for her for free lol. It's okay for what it is, just would have preferred they left the Fantasy vocals out of it.