Is TikTok ruining the music industry?

In recent days, several prominent female artists have vented their frustrations about their labels pressuring them to create TikTok content. Some even refusing to release their music until their songs go viral on the platform. Record labels shouldn't try to force a song to go viral. It has to happen organically. An established artist that has spent years putting in work  will not want to be known as ❝TikTok artists❞ because ❝TikTok friendly songs❞ have no longevity! The impact of TikTok has made labels lazy. The days they'd pay for a massive Billboard will soon be a thing of the past. Sad! 


RL said...

TikTok and Streaming are both ruining music. Songs are getting shorter and shorter, to the point where they should be classified as interludes or jingles.

Anonymous said...

I agree! I think labels just chase whatever "the wave" is! You can tell that there are just young executives that don't really have any vision!