Keyshia Cole ❝heart broken❞ over Antonio Brown’s disrespect...

For a woman of 40, Keyshia Cole's bird-like behaviour is never-ending. She recently told NFL player Antonio Brown that she misses him and he responded with the utmost disrespect. The ❝free agent❞ jumped on Instagram and shared a post that appeared to show his initials tattooed on Keyshia's back. The post said, ❝you ain't pimpin' until you hit an RnB Diva.❞ Keyshia's music was also playing in the background. Despite him literally telling her to hop off his d*ck for the entire world to see, she apologized in a post that was quite pandering. On Instagram Live, she admitted she wasn't aware the love wasn't mutual and says he broke her heart. Seriously, you couldn't make it up.