Beyoncé’s ❝Renaissance:❞ 4th biggest opening week of 2022 (in 4 days)

Beyoncé's selling power is reigning even without zero promotion and music videos!!!! That b*tch pretty much told fans this time they're getting the full LISTENING EXPERIENCE ONLY because she wanted people to pay attention to the masterful works of art... called ‘Renaissance.’ 

According to initial reports, Beyoncé's new album 'Renaissance' has sold 275K equivalent album units in the US in four days (through August 1st), 175K of which were pure sales alone. 

It has already secured the fourth biggest opening week of the year, and is set to become the first album released by a woman in 2022 to hit #1 on the Billboard 200. The project is also the fastest selling album ever on vinyl, with a reported 25K sold in the US in its first four days of release. After a full tracking week, she could easily hit 350K in the first week (200K in pure sales also.)
The earlier predictions were looking a little paltry but I have to admit now that these are very strong numbers given today's declining musical climate. As for the next single, in addition to 'Summer Renaissance', the tracks 'Cuff It' and 'Alien Superstar' were also sent to US pop radio. Feel free to slap me for underestimating the success of this really solid project!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying this album

Anonymous said...

I hoped she would go Gold in the 1st week but I think she's releasing the wrong singles after Break My Soul.

The next singles should've been Virgo's Groove & Church Girl instead.

I can't wait for the tour dates to drop! I really like the album. Been playing it all week so far.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before Toya, this album is the older sister of B'Day on Cocaine & Cohesion!

I didn't get into B'Day until YEARS later but Renaissance is becoming an INSTANT CLASSIC!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you came to your senses Toya! I knew this album would sell. She's breaking records and is more successful now than she's been in the past decade.

Anonymous said...

The album’s kind of worn off me already - apart from Virgo’s Groove there isn’t really many tracks stuck in my head or that I feel compelled to play - Remi