Azealia Banks FINALLY banned from Instagram & Twitter | UPDATE: She’s back...

The woman who once boiled her dead cat on Instagram Live, and used the same platform to kill and sacrifice some chickens has finally been banned from Instagram. The fact that she has only just lost her Instagram rights completely is more of a shocker. Such shock tactics was not a bridge too far in getting her kicked off much sooner. No one knows for sure what she did exactly to finally cross that line. However, she must be pulling out those hair follicles since she no longer has any more platforms to spread her hateful rhetoric towards some of your faves (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Dojacat, etc.) As batsh*t as she is, I'm not gonna lie, some of her rants have been quite insightful, and WILL be missed. 

UPDATE: Azealia Banks returns to Instagram after being “banned” for less than a day: