Britney Spears catching backlash for seemingly shading her old friend Selena Gomez on Instagram...

Did something actually happen between Britney Spears and Selena Gomez that the public aren't aware of? Selena attended Britney's wedding to Sam Asghari earlier this year, and Selena has publicly shown her support. If her latest Instagram post is shading Selena, to us looking in from the outside, it strikes as rather random. A few hours ago, Britney wrote a post on Instagram which seems to shade Selena’s 2016 AMAs speech and her music video with BLACKPINK ❝Ice Cream.❞ The whole point of the post is Britney showing she doesn't appreciate women judging other women for flaunting their bodies on Instagram (apparently Britney's favorite past time). To say Selena fans are not happy is quite the understatement! In recent months, Britney has also come under fire previously for some of her Instagram posts mentioning Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and several rappers. 

What does this mean for the friendship between Selena and Britney? Granted, no names were mentioned in the post and it could have just been a passing remark, but people do strongly feel that the references are a little too coincidental. As of writing (and due to the backlash), the post has since been removed.