Cardi B furiously claps back at Madonna: ❝She can make her point without getting slick out the mouth!❞

Cardi B calls Madonna a ❝disappointment after the star came at her unprovoked while discussing the impact of her Sex book. Last night, Madonna wrote in an Instagram Story that Cardi B can now ❝sing about her WAP❞ given that she had a large hand in attitudes changing towards mainstream female artists and their sexuality. Cardi B is furiously ranting on Twitter because she feels Madonna disrespected her. She believes Madonna was doing way too much with the clown emoji and referring to her as a ❝bitch.❞  Did Madonna contribute to women freely expressing their sexualities through the mainstream music industry? Absolutely and no one is denying that. However, Cardi's hurt mostly stems from the fact that she has always paid homage to Madonna in the past. In 2018, she reflected on meeting her ❝real life idol❞ at an Oscars after-party. There's nothing worse than having your idol sting you in the heart. As my mama would always tell me, idolize no one but God! Celebrities are still people at the end of the day and as human beings, they are literally (and always will be) PROGRAMMED to disappoint us.