Ciara & Walker Hayes perform ❝Y’all Life❞ | CMT Artists of the Year 2022

Ciara joins Walker Hayes on stage this week, delivering the live debut of their newly released ❝Y’all Life❞ collaboration at the 2022 CMT Artists of The Year. The performance, which took place in Downtown Nashville, saw Ci donning a pair of rhinestone cowboy boots, a black leather outfit and bedazzled cowboy hat. She was not shy to show off some of those dance moves, and Hayes was only too happy to comply. Following the performance, country fans voiced their opinions in regard to Hayes ❝lowering his stock❞ to perform with a nobody.❞ Ciara might be a lot of things, but a nobody she isn't.



Anonymous said...

Country fans are so racist it's disgusting. They even gave Beyonce hell.